The all-rounder with comfortable soft padding for short rides on the trekking bike
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The all-rounder for those, that don't get the opportunity to ride regularly. A treat for your sit bones, even if fitness condition and acclimatisation of sit bones are not at highest standard. The perfect balance of slightly reduced step design and soft comfoam padding. Due to step design suitable for both men and women.

UNISEX - With the SQlab step saddle concept and the SQlab saddle width system, different saddles for men and women are no longer necessary.
STEP SADDLE - The lowered saddle nose provides relief for the perineum and sensitive areas in men and women, and pressure is evenly distributed on the sit bones.
SADDLE WIDTHS - SQlab saddles are available in 5 different saddle widths. The correct saddle width is determined using the SQlab sit bone measurement method.
MAXCONTACT® - SQlab MaxContact saddle nose maximizes the contact area thereby reducing pressure.
WATER RESISTANT - Water resistant cover material
Available Widths in cm 14, 15, 16, 17
Area of use Comfort Trekking short distance
Length (mm) 282
Weight (g) 398, 413, 420, 429
Hardness in SQ-shore 40
Relief of perineal area (%) 60
Material Rails CrMo
Material Cover C51
Material Padding Comfoam Gel
max. Weight (kg) 100

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